CUTTING 2 In A Room's 'Wiggle It' featured in Muscle Milk commercial with Stephen Curry NEWS
2 In A Room's 'Wiggle It' featured in Muscle Milk commercial with Stephen Curry

Muscle Milk has released a new commercial, starring Stephen Curry, to showcase that “Strong Feels Good”.

The 30-second spot features the American professional basketball player showing off his dance moves on the court, joined by co-players and everyone in the public, on the rhythms of the 1990 hit single “Wiggle It” (on Cutting Records/Cutting Records Music Publishing) of the Dominican hip hop dup 2 In A Room.  He is not, though, the only one dancing: the ad features also a young hiker woman who, after reaching the top of a cliff, she starts dancing, as well, a traffic officer who guides the pedestrians, while shaking his body goofily, a group of ballerinas on a scene, a bald middle-aged man wearing a suit in front of a window, and even the worker who has just placed a big poster with Curry advertising the Muscle Milk.

The new campaign launched by the brand of sports-oriented nutritional products, celebrating the feeling of accomplishment that makes one rejoice after a though workout, debuted during the coverage of the Golden State Warriors game against the Chicago Bulls in March and will continue to run on digital and social media channels through June.

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